Brewing Classes / Tasting Tours Temporarily Suspended

COVID19 has the world in its grips, Korea is one of the battlefronts and tourism will be a major casualty.

A big part of Sool Co's business relies on the travel sector. We run classes, tours, tastings, events, private parties, brewery tours and exhibit at conventions. What do all those things have in common? Groups. We get out amongst the community and help people explore the wonderful world of makgeolli in all ways possible.

Happier days when we could offer our Intro to Brewing Makgeolli Class

All that changed when the virus took hold and put Korea on red alert. Cancelation after cancelation came through, and projects that were planned months in advance inevitably had the plug pulled. Eventually, we made the decision to put a halt to all events on the books until further notice. Sadly, we won't know when that will be.

The virus will not stop us from planning the future though. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel eventually, and when it appears, we will be back with full force. In the meantime, we are taking this opportunity to work on all those projects that tend to get bumped down the list during regular operations. We are focusing on more comprehensive brewing resources, developing an online brewing education course and coming up with new ways to bring the sool community together in 2020.

We miss all the amazing makgeolli and food on our Insadong Taster Tour!

One thing is for sure. When we do see an end to the crisis, Sool Co. and all the many other small businesses the world over will need your help. Luckily for us, with all our homebrewing during the social distancing, we will have plenty of booze to offer in return!