How to Make Makgeolli Course 2020

It's been a challenging year in so many ways, and we are barely halfway through the year.

When things were getting hairy in Korea around about late February, we made the decision to close all our makgeolli brewing classes, courses and tours. Little did we know it would take as long as 5 months before we could even think to open them again.

Pre-Covid 19, we had been regularly offering one-time makgeolli making classes to tourists, visitors, and residents alike. However it was always a challenge to be able to offer any longer form in-depth brewing classes due to scheduling conflicts with other programs for the coveted weekend timeslot - the most popular for anyone that has a regular weekly work schedule.

We had been running intensive consulting courses for clients interested in opening breweries overseas, but finding the time to run a course to fit resident schedules was always a barrier to opening the advanced courses. In short, we haven't run a regular advanced course in over 2 years.

Now things are different. For the first time ever we have received financial support from the Ministry of National Agricultural Products Quality Maintenance Service (Yes the translation is mega long, so we affectionately now just call it NAQS) to run a longer makgeolli brewing course. This support means we can run the program at a 70% discount to students, which is a big deal!

So while we continue to work on our online classes for the international brewing community, we also have the opportunity to offer a Makgeolli Brewing Fundamentals Course for anyone who finds themselves in Korea. The course will run two times, as well as an advanced techniques course for in-depth technical knowledge.

Normally we have a capacity for 25 students in our brewing classes, but in keeping with the Korean government's 'Everyday Quarantine' guidelines, the course attendance will be limited to 15 students. This is a super rare opportunity to learn in-depth makgeolli making for such an affordable price, so spots are going quickly!

If you would like to join us, make sure you sign up via the Google Form, and make your payments as it will be a first paid, first in basis.

It would be an understatement to say, but we are just so excited to get back in the lab and teach eager makgeolli enthusiasts how to brew delicious booze!