Sanullim 1992 - One of Seoul's Best Korean Alcohol Bars

With an impressive selection of Korean alcohol, delicious food and great ambience, Sanullim 1992 hits all the notes.

The many makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
A section of the bottle line up
Sanullim 1992 Front Entrance
Entrance to Sanullim 1992
Sanullim 1992 Interior Seating Hongdae Seoul
Interior & Seating

Sanullim 1992 is a trendy traditional Korean alcohol bar & restaurant in Hongdae which has over 180 different kinds of traditional Korean liquors. One of the greatest sool joints in Seoul, it has a cozy jumak (old Korean tavern/inn) atmosphere, with well-executed anju (side dishes/food) to keep you going you whilst you drink. They train all their staff in traditional alcohol, have a wide and excellent selection of handcrafted/commercial bottles.

Sanullim 1992 first opened as an ordinary restaurant and bar in 1992 and Owner Hong Hak-gi was a regular customer for eight years before eventually acquiring the bar and doing renovations himself, as told by Korea JoongAng Daily. The Sool Company recently had a Hwaesik (A company dinner) at Sanullim 1992 for us interns to learn more about makgeolli, so read on for some hot tips on what to order at this amazing bar!

The side dishes and food at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Anju (side dishes)
Haechang Makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Haechang Makgeolli
Makgeolli bubbles in a cup at Sanullim 1992 Seoul Hongdae
Bubbles like pearls

One of the most popular makgeollis to try at Sanullim 199 is Haechang Makgeolli. Haechang is one of those makgeollis that is so delicious you can't help yourself pouring cup after cup. Haechang Makgeolli has an addictive hook at the end that strings you along to buy more and more, so be careful you don't drink yourself under a table with this one, it really is that good!

Omija makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Pink Wonderland in a glass
Omija makgeolli Omijasshi at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Oh! Mijasshi Makgeolli
Omija makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
The Pouring

Another interesting makgeolli to try is the relatively new 'Oh! Mijasshi' makgeolli which is flavoured with the Korean five flavoured berry called 'Omija'. Oh! Mijasshi Makgeolli has a smooth texture and a sweet-sour balance with that unmistakable omija flavour. It can be a bridge to more drinks or even a curtain closer, but either way, not to be passed upon.

Ewha Baekju makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Ehwa Baekju (Makgeolli)
Makgeolli in a cup at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Time to Taste!

Ehwa Baekju is a makgeolli that gives off a tingling sensation, probably because of the high carbonation, so it's definitely one for those fizzy drink lovers. Ehwa Baekju has all the excitement of a Sprite but in a makgeolli, and the Champagne-like bottle creates an atmosphere of elegance that elevates the mood. Overall, I was left with a feeling of fullness and satisfaction by the end, definitely another one to look out for.

Naroo Makgeolli at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Naroo Makgeolli
Vintage makgeolli cup at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul

We finished off with Naroo Makgeolli, a personal highlight for me as I'm a sweet tooth, are you one of those people who goes to a cafe just to end up ordering a chocolate milkshake? Rejoice as I present to you Naroo Makgeolli. This makgeolli doesn't even feel like alcohol since it's so smooth to drink. You could probably end up drinking a bottle alone before noticing it's empty. Naroo is great for when you need a dose of sweetness to put a smile on your face.

Makgeolli bottles at Sanullim 1992 Hongdae Seoul
Our entire makgeolli journey
Sanullim Menu Hongdae Seoul Sanullim 1992
Front page of the menu (with deals)

To summarise our drinking experience at Sanullim 1992, it's really welcoming and comfortable, relaxing but at the same time lively. The staff are courteous, and you could never be disappointed as they have a drink to suit everyone's taste. But of course it's not all about the booze, the food at Sanullim 1992 is amazing! Traditional dishes get a modern twist with things like puff pastry mandu and squid ink fried squid. In short, it's great for hanging out with friends and family, perfect for a chill session, or a special experience for sure. Anytime is a good time at Sanullim 1992.

Address: 60 Seogang-ro 9-gil, Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Current Operation Hours: Tue-Fri 16:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 15:00-22:00, Closed Mondays

Parking: Unavailable


Phone: (02) 334-0118