The Makgeolli Brewer's Hub

A dedicated platform for makers of makgeolli around the world to connect and share their projects.

When we got started brewing makgeolli and all the other wonderful kinds of Korean traditional alcohol, there really weren't any resources online. In a nutshell, it was the inspiration for following our own sool journey, passionate about getting people excited about this amazing world of fermentation.

As such, we thought it would be great to have a resource for homebrewers to share their projects and create a community of makgeolli lovers all over the world. The Susubori Makgeolli Brewer's Club on Facebook is a group we have grown over the years, and it has expanded to all four corners of the internet.

While it's a fantastic group filled with positivity and curiosity about making makgeolli, we also have received so many requests for a forum platform outside of Facebook. These days a lot of people are trying to limit Facebook interaction (we can relate!) so we thought it was high time to get a dedicated Makgeolli Brewer's Hub up and running.

The Hub is something we are super excited about, as we are finally able to segment relevant topics into their own 'groups', making it easier for newcomers to search and find the information they might find useful. It also lets users set up their own 'Profile', so it serves as a networking opportunity for anyone in the commercial brewing space or for startup breweries to potentially find collaborators.

Most importantly, it helps us expand the dialogue and take deeper dives into all the many aspects that are important for brewing. If you are interested in making makgeolli, even if you haven't got started yet, come join the conversation!

See you all in The Hub :)