Tokki Bar Bringing Brooklyn to Seoul

Tokki Bar: Korean soju cocktails paired with New York-Italian cuisine

Tokki Soju, the first American-made Korean soju has newly launched “Tokki Bar” on the fourth floor of the Ryse Hotel in Hongdae, Seoul. Tokki got its start in Brooklyn but the distillery is now based in the western Chungcheong area of Korea, devoting themselves to bringing this Korean liquid delicacy to the global scene. Bran Hill (master distiller of Tokki Soju) studied Korean alcohol at Susubori Academy many years ago, eventually combining his professional skill in distilling to produce their flagship authentic Korean soju.

Inspired and creative makgeolli recipes that are traditional and modern

Tokki Bar is a speakeasy where all of their drinks are made only using spirits and liqueurs made by Tokki Soju. Various kinds of Tokki-exclusive cocktails are made with not just their soju, but also their recently released gin and whiskey. This includes highballs, shots neat & beer, and drinks mixed with various kinds of fruits and aromatics. Tokki Soju has also collaborated with Magpie Beer to create a rice lager which is available in-house and can be paired with Tokki Soju as a great chaser.

Instead of the usual Korean style anjou, guests will be able to taste a range of true New York-Italian style food such as jalapeno poppers and chicken parm, by Tokki’s new restaurant project Paolo. It might seem like an odd pairing, but for Tokki Soju it just makes sense. Tokki Bar is all about bringing their New York bar roots to Seoul, a concept keenly felt after downing a Soju Highball with a plate of Italian Meatballs. For a full run-down of the menu, check their website here.

Even though Tokki Soju’s flagship product uses the more expensive rice ‘Chapssal’, the price range of drinks at Tokki Bar is quite reasonable. All cocktails are between 12,000 and 16,000won, and direct purchase of spirit bottles is available. Tokki Soju’s ‘Gold’ soju which has been aged in American Virgin Oak Barrels recently won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Limited release sales of Tokki Gold can be purchased on order at Tokki Bar.

4F of Ryse Hotel, 130 Yanghwa-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Operation Hours: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

+82 2 330 7700

* Parking charges for Tokki Bar guest: KRW 5,000 for the first 2 hours (After 2 hours KRW 5,000 per 30 min)