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Sadang Makgeolli Bars

Beutda 낯선한식 븟다


A stylish bistro-style bar with an array of fusion dishes and a diverse sool selection. Beutda has trendy vibe and is a great local bar for the Isu / Sadang area.  They also have a second location just across the street from the first.


Opening Hours: 11:40 - 2pm & 3:30 - 10pm Weekdays / 1 - 10pm Weekends

Address:  서울 동작구 사당로30길 28 1층

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Makgeolli School Sadang 막걸리학교

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An old-school 'Hof' style bar that has a drinking atmosphere, but an excellent sool selection. Choose directly from the fridge, and then choose your own cups and take a seat. Dishes are of an average hof-style quality, but satisfying. It is a diamond in the rough for those seeking new and rare sool in Sadang.


Opening Hours: 2pm - 10pm

Address: 서울특별시 서초구 방배동 450- 12 1층

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Jungjakga 정작가의 막걸리집

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A small, intimate pub featuring home-cooked style dishes and a well-selected lineup of makgeolli and other sool. The owner is young passionate about sool, so the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming.


Opening Hours: 4:30pm - Closing

Address:  서울특별시 동작구 동작대로33가길 5

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