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Insadong Makgeolli Bars

Insadong Brewery  인사동 양조장

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Owned and run by one of Korea's first artisan makgeolli brewers, Insadong Brewery is a true sool experience. It's the only place you can enjoy 'Jahuihyang' takju and wonju, brewed on-site. Dishes are homestyle Korean cooking, prepared by the brewer herself, for a truly authentic experience.

Opening Hours: 11:30am - 3pm / 5pm - 10pm

Closed: Sundays

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 율곡로 44-16

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Neul Majung  늘 마중

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A classic traditional makgeolli experience in Insadong, Neul Majung has an excellent selection of different makgeolli from around the country. Dishes are hearty and satisfying, set in a hanok atmosphere.

Opening Hours: 3pm - 10pm

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 인사동10길 11-5

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Story of the Blue Star  푸른별 주막

Story of the blue star.jpeg

A true example of the old 'Jumak' style of drinking makgeolli, and a famed staple of Insadong. Come rain or shine, kettles and bowls of makgeolli are served with steamed tofu or hot pajeon, all in a dark hanok with film posters all over the wall.

Opening Hours: 4pm - 10pm

Closed: Public Holidays

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 인사동16길 17-1

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7.8  칠점팔

7.8 Anguk.jpeg

A fun and lively makgeolli bar with a wide selection of makgeolli from all over Korea. 7.8 cultivates a loyal community of makgeolli enthusiasts and has another location in Anguk.


Opening Hours: 3pm - 10pm

Address: 서울특별시 중구 주교동 58-11

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Oreun 옳은


A small neighborhood bar filled with character and charm away from the bustle of Ikseon-dong. With a selection of interesting dishes and a small variety of sool, this is a great spot to let your hair down and have fun.



Opening Hours: 6pm - 11pm / Closed Monday

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 돈화문로11가길 65

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Nuruk Namu  누룩 나무

Nuruk namu.jpeg

A young and trendy spot for drinking makgeolli in a rowdy atmosphere. It features a good selection of makgeolli, as well as hearty Korean alcohol side dishes. It can get busy later in the evening, so be sure to go earlier or make a reservation.


Opening Hours: 4pm - 10pm 

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 인사동16길 13

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Flower Rice  꽃밥에피다

flower rice.jpg

A cute new bar in Insadong known for its vegetable-based cuisine. With a selection of popular traditional makgeolli, this is a healthy and refreshing option for lunch or dinner.

Opening Hours: 11:30am - 9pm

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 인사동16길 3-6

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Ikseon Banju  익선반주

Ikseon Banju.jpeg

Tucked away in the alleys of Ikseon-dong, Ikseon Banju is an excellent dining experience paired with some of the best sool. Dishes are chef prepared and have an element of Korean fusion, while the sool list is carefully curated.

Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm 

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 돈화문로11다길 31

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